TPO, TPCO – braided earthing tapes for EMC applications with rounded terminals.
TPO, TPCO – braided earthing tapes for EMC applications with rounded terminals.


Tapes made of thin, bare or tinned copper wires.


  • car industry
  • railway industry
  • energy sector, robotics
  • control cabinets, switchgear and switching stations
  • control panel components
  • mobile connections of electrical devices operating in DC and AC circuits

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is very important in most of industrial sectors. Electric machines are more and more compact, they work closer to each other and perform complex tasks. As a result, the amount and speed of data transmitted increases, and so does the required frequency. This generates magnetic fields, which icauses interference currents and voltages – so-called EMC interference. The consequence can be error messages, data transmission problems and even machine failures.

Earthing straps consist of braided copper wires and connect those parts of the machine and system where reference potential magnetic fields can arise. This allows the easy discharge of current and voltage without affecting the EMC of the installation. This solution ensures trouble-free operation.

Due to their flat shape, they can be installed in sealed machine enclosures as they are highly flexible and resistant to stretching, twisting and vibration.

The earthing strap must meet the following requirements:

– High current carrying capacity
– Low resistance and low impedance
– Mechanical force
– Flexibility

Eltron-Kabel offers a wide range of grounding straps featuring rounded contacts made from seamless molded sleeves, in a variety of lengths, multiple cross-sections and stud hole diameters – suitable for a wide range of applications.

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