Eltron-Kabel was founded in 1989. 

In each years Eltron-Kabel strengthened their own market positions and extended the assortment production.

In 1995 Eltron-Kabel began the production of bare copper conductors like flexible conductors and super flexible conductors for producers of switches and electric brushes, and then we started productions of copper tapes for the automotive industry and the energetics.

In 1999 we started production of compensating and extension cables for application in measuring of temperature, whose principal customers are Polish power stations, and which till now were imported.

Two years later Eltron-Kabel started production of shielded cables for aircraft and for control cables.

Today basic activity is the production of wires and cables for special applications in six main groups:

  • bare copper conductors based on microwires
  • heat resistance cables
  • compensating & thermocables
  • communication cables
  • control cables
  • mining cables

Our goal is to deliver products of the highest quality at competitive prices.

We invite to the cooperation with our company.