LgGsWs - single core cables in silicone insulation and impregnated fibre glass braid (-60°C...+290°C)
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  1. Flexible red or tinned copper core
  2. Estrofol foil braid
  3. Silicone insulation type EI2
  4. Silicone or polyester - impregnated fibre glass braid

Technical data

Temperature range: -50°C ÷ +200°C (peaks up to 290°C)
Working voltage: 600/1000V Test voltage: 2000V 2500V
Good resistance to thermal shock and UV


Cables LgGsWs are intended to connections of windings in electric motors high-power and energy converter, practical also in the shipbuilding industry and railway, Industrial wiring in hot environments. The mechanical resistance of the silicone insulation is reinforced by braid of poly-ester or fibre glass silicone impregnated.