H00S - earth conductors in silicone insulation (-60°C...+180°C)
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- Bare copper, fine wire conductors cl. 6 acc. to PN-EN 60228
- Silicon jacket, transparent type EI2 acc. to PN-EN 22.1 (SiR) conforming with directive RoHS


- These flexible earth conductors are used for earthing of portable equipment and short – circuiting, work in high temperature up to +180C in silicone insulation (SiR).

Technical data

- Good resistance on the thermal shock and the radiation UV
- Min. bending radius: 4 x Ø cable
- Temperature range: SiR -60C ÷ +180C, fugitively 230C
- Test voltage dependent of thickness insulation
- Jacket colour: transparent
- According to: PN-EN 61138:2008


Cross sectionSingle diameter wireСonductor diameterInsulation thicknessOuter diameterWeight
mm2 mm mm mm mm kg/km
160,215,61,48,4 ± 0,1184