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  1. Compensating core + and -
  2. Fibre glass insulation
  3. Fibre glass outer sheath
  4. Copper tinned wire screen or braided galvanised steel wire screen
  5. Insulation: PVC, silicone, FEP, MFA or PFA
  6. Outer sheath: PVC, silicone, FEP, MFA or PFA
  7. Control cables

Compensating wires are using for the connection of thermo-elements with the instrument which regulating, registering or measuring the temperature.

Wires made on the basis of the IEC 60 584-2 standard, producing as compensatory have the second letter “C” in their symbol; in the symbol of thermoelectric the second letter is X.

Thermoelectric wires are wires executed from the same materials what thermo-element however with more inexpensive solution, compensatory wires executed from replacement materials are in the lower class of the tolerance of the measurement of the temperature.

Technical data:

Выбор параметров кабеля

Parameter name Parameter value
Outer sheath
Number of pairs
Cross section
Color marking
Option 1
Option 2
The selected cable parameters
Type: KCA
Insulation: PCV (-25ºC ÷ +105ºC) - Yc
Conductor: Stranded wire – L
Sheath: None
Screen: None
Outer sheath: None
Number of pairs: 1
Cross section: 0,22 mm
Color marking: EU-IEC 584-3