Hybrid cables – innovative measurement and control
Hybrid cables – innovative measurement and control

Hybrid cables (thermoelectric and control cables) are intended for connecting measuring devices with thermoelectric sensors (thermocouples) and power supply.

They guarantee precision and safety of measurement, and the control cable included in this design is used in control, security, control and power supply systems.

Hybrid cables are designed to use as little space as possible and minimize installation time. Their use allows for ergonomic use of space, which facilitates future service actions and precise temperature control.

Hybrid cables Eltron – Kabel Sp. z o.o.

The special construction of the 4/4 cable allowed for high flexibility and mechanical strength. These cables are suitable for fixed and movable connections. The advantage is that we are able to make two types of cables in one, which allows much easier cable assembly on production lines and / or machines.

A hybrid cable easily maintains the properties of two separate cables. Thanks to the anti-interference tinned copper screen, we obtain a good separation between the control part and the thermoelectric part of the cable.

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