Compensation and thermoelectric cables.
Compensation and thermoelectric cables.

Compensating and thermoelectric cables are the part of the measurement system that connects the thermocouple sensor with the measurement device, e.g. a controller, temperature indicator or recorder.

Thermoelectric cables are made of the same materials as the thermocouple, but a more economical solution in the lower temperature tolerance class are compensation cables made of substitute materials (other than thermocouples), but within the permissible temperature range (according to DIN 43722), which means that they have the same thermoelectric properties.

In industrial measurement, the meter is located some distance from the temperature measurement point, so it is necessatry to have a cable connecting the thermocouple to the meter that has the same thermoelectric properties as the thermocouple itself.

Our production cycle is a fundamental factor in achieving optimal production costs and allows us the flexibility to fulfill individual Customer orders in the shortest possible time.

We have all types of raw materials and insulation materials in stock, and we can start production immediately after receiving an order for a given cable. The minimum order quantity is determined individually depending on the cable type. Our technologists develop an individual cable structure to meet the requirements for specific applications.

Applications in industries, i.e.:

  • thermal power plants
  • metallurgy
  • oil and gas industry
  • chemical production
  • glassworks

We invite you to see our Data Sheet for Compensation and Thermoelectric Cables.

Compensation and thermoelectric cables.