Bare and tinned copper conductors as well as flexible earthing connections.
Bare and tinned copper conductors as well as flexible earthing connections.

In times of ever shorter innovation cycles and ever faster changing markets, it is extremely important to have a reliable business partner by your side. For almost 30 years, Eltron-Kabel Sp. z o.o. provides professional support and its clients remain effective and competitive market players. We actively participate and support industrial processes, offering cables and wires for special applications, often based on modern designs and solutions. Over the years, we have significantly developed our design, production and distribution capabilities, and from September 15, 2019, Eltron-Kabel Sp. z o.o. became part of the Helukabel group. As a result, a number of investments are underway, which will allow us to respond to the innovative needs of the markets to an even greater extent.

As the only Polish producer, we offer bare or tinned copper wires based on wires with a diameter of 0.05 – 0.20 mm. Our lines and connections are characterized by exceptional flexibility and durability, and their quality has been confirmed for years by deliveries to the network of international factories of the largest electrotechnical concerns and the automotive industry.

Photo: Electric motor brushes – super-elastic cables based on micro-wires of 0.05 – 0.10 mm.

We offer a complete range of bare copper conductors as well as tin-plated, silver-plated or nickel-plated conductors. In addition to ropes and highly flexible braids, we also have tapes woven from wires with a diameter of 0.07 – 0.20 mm. Thanks to the use of wires of such small dimensions and a special conductor structure, consisting of several layers of braids, we obtain connections with a very large surface area and current-carrying capacity. These products are successfully used as connections in switching stations, between transformers, generators, rectifiers or switching devices in power networks, where they effectively compensate for expansions caused by temperature rise or vibrations.

In 2020, we also implemented the technology of resistance welding of copper, which is a very common method of joining elements and is widely used in the electrotechnical and automotive industries. The basic advantages of resistance welding are: a very short production cycle, versatility of the method, ease of changeover, good quality of connections, which are characterized by high strength with a low voltage drop at the same time.


Photo: Examples of resistance-welded copper ropes.

The more compact the briquette structure is and the more monolithic it is, the greater the strength of the connection. When designing the briquetting process, one should not forget that the braid is a bundle of several hundred to even several thousand wires packed into several intertwined strands. The wire diameter in typical braid cross-sections ranges from 0.05 to 0.20 mm and is the basis for flexible connection properties.

A new catalog with the offer of copper wires has recently appeared on our website. We have collected flexible connections made of bare, tin-plated, silver-plated and nickel-plated copper. They are characterized by exceptional durability and mechanical resistance. They work well in the broadly understood electrotechnical, automotive and energy industries.