Earthing cables
Earthing cables

Earthing cables are cables intended for portable grounding and short-circuiting equipment that connects or forms part of the path between a given installation point and the earth electrode. These cables can also connect a given point with an electrical device.

Their main advantage is protection against unexpected high voltage, high strength and strong structure. The earthing devices are characterized by a very good resistance to thermal shock and UV radiation.

As a standard, we distinguish 2 types of earthing cables:



H00V3-D type cables are earthing cables made of a class 6 copper cable, more precisely copper conductors with increased flexibility, in PVC insulation.

H00S-D cables, on the other hand, are cables made of copper conductors with increased flexibility, class 6, in silicone insulation.

The insulation for both types is transparent and protects against external factors that may affect the lines. Depending on the needs, earthing cables are offered in various cross-sections ranging from 16 mm2 to 150 mm2 with a marking on the conductor.

Eltron-Kabel Sp. z o.o. offers, in addition to the standard design, the design and marking depending on the needs and expectations of the customer.

Earthing cables are made in accordance with the harmonized standard PN-EN 61138, which guarantees high product quality.

Transparent insulation provides adequate protection against mechanical and chemical factors. Earthing cables by Eltron-Kabel Sp. z o.o. meeting the requirements of European Reach and RoHS directives without containing harmful substances, they ensure safe use. Therefore, these cables are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, as there are no contraindications for the use of earthing devices indoors.

The use of earthing cables is very important in situations requiring:

– earthing of high voltage installations in power networks

– earthing of installations used in railway traction, especially in the case of repairs

– potential equalization on elements of machines and EDP systems

– for all work related to working under voltage

– grounding of current paths of distribution devices (circuit breakers, medium voltage switch disconnectors) during their periodic inspections

– applications for portable earthing and short-circuiting devices during repair work of electrical equipment, overhead lines and cables

– applications at overhead lines and medium voltage (MV) pole stations up to 30kV.

– in the event of a failure, the grounding conductors provide protection against high voltage during repairs

After connecting the earthing device to the installation, in accordance with the instructions, the earthing cables should provide protection against dangerous voltage and electric arcs caused by an accidental appearance of voltage in the disconnected circuit.

The earthing cables are packed on wooden returnable drums, plywood spools or discs.

H00V3-D can be used in the temperature range: -25 ° C to + 55 ° C. H00S-D, on the other hand, in the operating temperature range from -40 C to +70 C. This means that they will fulfill their functions at low and higher temperatures. Depending on the needs, the appropriate cross-section of the earthing cable is selected for optimal application.